VMware Inc. provides cloud and virtualization products. With VMware virtualization, a hypervisor installed on the physical host server, allows any number of virtual machines to run on the same. Each virtual machine runs as an independent computer with its own OS and software applications. Now, with VMware integrated to Amazon Web Services, any corporation can have on-demand VM services.

This service works by delivering the VMware Cloud on AWS. This means that a fully operational VMware environment on the AWS cloud will be accessible at convenient prices. The core technologies to be run on the AWS cloud are the vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi), Virtual SAN (vSAN), and the NSX platform.

These technologies are run directly on the AWS physical hardware with the help of a host network. This way, VMware infrastructure can work on AWS without using nested virtualization.

For availing the VMware on AWS service, you can continue using your VMware licenses, discounts and accounts. Your team would not be required to learn anything new provided they are efficient in the usage of ESXi, vSAN, and NSX. You can manage this entire cloud virtualization service using your existing vCenter copy.

Through each VM, you can access the entire directory of the AWS including computing, analytics, storage and database, IoT services, etc. With phenomenal connectivity and low latency, the VMware applications will be running alongside the AWS Cloud management services in the same data centers, and thus are very beneficial for you.

VMware on AWS

VMware vSphere

This is the VMware suite including most of its virtualization products ESXi, vCenter Server, vSphere Client, etc. The vSphere is available in three editions, namely, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.


This product is known as the VMware NSX. This software allows the connectivity of various virtual machines through a network. A network admin is in control of configuring, enabling, deploying and modifying these virtual networks. To do this, the controller can use the VMware vRealize Network Insight operations management tool.

SDDC Platform

This platform is a software bundle of the vSphere, the NSX, and the vSAN (virtual SAN). This is again run by a system administrator. He has the controller of running the SDDC as a private cloud or within a larger public cloud.


VMware Management & Amazon Managed Services together provide disk space for easy storage and retrieval. They will also provide a disaster management tool to recover any accidental loss of data.

With the VMware on AWS, you have plenty of options like easy migration, data center consolidation, modernization, data recovery, globalization, etc., all in just a few clicks. You can individually employ each VMware service. For example, if you would like to migrate individual components of your logistics data, you can use AWS Direct Connect and set up a secure network to execute the operation.

As you can see, these services are on-demand and there is no compulsion to buy the whole package. With VMware Management & Amazon Managed Services, you need never think of server management at all. All you must do is set up an AWS account and you are ready to go!

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