Microsoft Azure, created by Microsoft for delivering various services in the cloud integrates itself into a single platform. The various services include developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining applications that bypass through a global network. Azure provides the services of cloud by using their main components – Cloud operating system, SQL Azure and .NET services.
Azure cloud services are better than other cloud services for the following reasons.

1) Paas Capabilities

Azure Paas provides an environment, building blocks, and tools for the application developers to build and deploy the applications in the cloud to avail the cloud services. The dev-ops connections are useful for many app-related activities like monitoring, fine-tuning, and managing. Azure Paas takes care of the infrastructure. By using Azure Paas environment, developers can focus more on innovation.

2) Windows knowledge

As Microsoft runs on Windows platform, application's codes are in the programming languages applicable to Windows apps. It could be C#, C++, Visual Basic, .NET and other related technologies used for Windows. Hence, it is easy for any programmer to work with apps when they have sound knowledge of Windows programming technologies.

3) .NET compatibility

The main advantage of Azure is it's compatibility with .NET programming languages which showcase Azure amongst its competitors. Due to this, a business can move the apps to the Azure cloud which is not possible with other cloud services.

4) Pricing feasibility

When the applications reside in the cloud, it can reduce the organization's expense in their technical infrastructure. Azure monitors the applications. Hence IT administrator is not required. The cost to develop and maintain an application in Azure is less as compared to other cloud services. Azure pricing depends on the size of its data and usage of the application.

5) Security features

The security framework of Azure follows the Secure Development Life Cycle. This cycle is a process of security assurance. It focuses on securing the services and data when they are in the Azure cloud.

6) Hybrid solutions

Azure provides hybrid solutions which are not part of cloud services. It connects the datacenters to the cloud. Azure provides a platform for transfer of applications between the premises and public cloud. Azure supports developing hybrid applications which can take the resources that are present in the datacenters, in Azure and at the service provider's end. It also supports an extensive range of hybrid connections that includes Virtual Private Network, content delivery network, and caches.

7) Integrated Environment

Azure provides an integrated environment for developing, testing and deploying various applications in the cloud. As the client chooses the framework and uses open development languages, it becomes easy for Azure migration.


As Microsoft Azure is a group of different service components, it supports a broad range of operating system, data sharing, and scalability. Developers can make use of Azure development services for developing and building applications. Due to their various services of cloud, Azure application development becomes easy. Hence, Azure is much preferred and can be the best provider of cloud services.

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