The Inter Region Connect (IRC) is a dedicated connection that connects two VPCs located at two different regions. The users of IRC can directly send data across the protected network according to the bandwidth available to them. With the available bandwidth, the user can send data and as fast as defined over that link.

VPN connection has a long setup which is overcome by AWS, allowing the users to connect many VPC across different regions.

Amazon Web Services allows peering relationship to be set up between many Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) at various regions of AWS. This service permits the resources of VPC like RDS databases, EC2 instances, and Lambda functions which execute at different AWS regions to communicate using private IP addresses without the need of gateways or any separate network connections.

Inter-Region VPC Peering presents an easy and affordable way to share resources between regions. Inter-Region VPC is available on high technology that powers VPC today. It encrypts the entire traffic of inter-region without any single point of failure. The data that bypasses VPCs in various regions across the global network of AWS is in encrypted form. AWS uses sophisticated algorithms and AWS-supplied keys for data encryption. It makes use of the same keys for encrypting traffic at all peering connections. Controlling the traffic by using Inter-Region VPC Peering is an AWS backbone and never passes through the public internet, which reduces the threat and DoS attacks.

The following steps will guide you to set up an Inter-Region VPC connection.

1) Go to the AWS console. Select the VPC option that appears on the left side. Select the option Peering Connections and click on Create Peering Connection. Provide a relevant name to the connection and the VPC source. Under the Region section, click on the option 'Another region' and indicate the VPC Id of the respective region. To connect with a different account, select the option 'Another account' and indicate an account Id in the text box. The below screenshot shows a snapshot of the selection.

2) Next, click on the Actions and then select Accept Request to create the connection. A message pop-ups informing the user to verify the VPC id. The user then accepts the connection.

The user must select the peering connection to accept the request.
The connection status is set to Active after the user accepts the request.

At the end of these steps, the Inter-Region peering connection is ready for the go.


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