CloudEgg, a leading pioneer in the world of managed service provider offers amazing experience in handling Atlassian Products. At CloudEgg, we provide you an end to end solution to Atlassian products installation and maintenance services on your cloud infrastructure.

We have deep expertise in Atlassian Products like JIRA, Agile project management, Confluence, LogStash, Fisheye, Crucible, Bamboo and Crowd.

About JIRA and Agile Project Management

  • Project tracking for great product teams. Track anything – issues, bugs, tasks, deadlines, code, hours – to stay on top of every team’s activity.
  • Agile project management for Scrum or Kanban teams.

About Confluence

  • Confluence allows you to create, organize and collaborate work with your team members.

About Stash

  • Stash allows you to create and manage code repositories and integrate with JIRA.

About FishEye

  • FishEye creates a read only windows for your code repository and helps you search for commits files and revisions.

About Crucible

  • Crucible helps you review code , knowledge transfers as well as identify defects as per review workflow.

About Bamboo

  • Bamboo provides a larger picture, helping connect issues, commits, test results apart from running builds and tests.

About Crowd

  • Crowd is a single sign- on user identity tool connection all your applications .

Our Atlassian Products Expertise

  • Complete set-up and installation of the full Atlassian product suite.
  • Unmatched expertise in server requirements and server consulting
  • Fine tuning of applications for optimum performance.
  • Configuration and installation of Atlassian product plugins.
  • Our support team is available 24/7 and helps you in your queries answer any of your queries related to Atlassian Products set up and it’s working.

* “Atlassian” is a registered trademark of Atlassian App.

Take advantage of the most secured managed service provider, CloudEgg that provides 24/7 support from a professional team of system administrators to assist our clients in the best possible way by going beyond their expectations.