Flexible Chef Application Management Services in the Cloud is provided by CloudEgg Managed Service Provider. Chef helps you in managing the deployment of your application on servers. Deployment of application using Chef application management is compelling and a worthy choice.

What is Chef? Chef – Automate your Infrastructure.┬áChef is a revolutionary which helps you turn your infrastructure into code. Using Chef you can automate your build as well as deploy and efficiently manage your infrastructure Your complete infrastructure becomes as versionable, testable, and repeatable similar to your application code.

Chef servers saves your recipes along with your configuration data. On your server as well as virtual servers chef clients are installed and are called as nodes. Moreover, it regularly checks all the nodes and if anything is out of date the client makes it right by bringing it up to date.

What we offer in Chef Application Management?

Installation services for Chef

We will help you setup your Chef open source solution.

LogStash Customization Services

Backed by a great development team at CloudEgg, we will help you customize your Chef on Windows Servers including various other servers.

Deployment Service

We will help you deploy Chef on your server. We support all the major servers available.

Support Services

Our support team at CloudEgg is available 24/7 and helps you in answering any of your queries related to Chef set up

Chef application management services provided by CloudEgg is highly recommended for installation, customization & deployment of your applications on Cloud Servers.