Want to deploy your code? CircleCI Services makes Continuous Deployment easy.

CircleCl is a fully automated and continuous integration service which is developed for web application developers allowing them to to build , test and deploy applications quicker on multiple platforms easily and efficiently. CircleCl has been created keeping into consideration present application development environments and supports testing in web, container docker as well as mobile environment.

Setting up CircleCI Services enables to deploy the green builds automatically.

Some of the Benefits of CircleCI Services

  • Easily integrated with Github
  • Clean Build Environment
  • Continuous and faster deployment
  • Notification and Support

Our Expertise in CircleCl

  • Complete set-up and installation of CircleCl
  • High level in server management and server consulting
  • Fine tuning of applications for better performance.
  • Application maintenance services

Trust CloudEgg CircleCI Management Services for Testing, which is fast, functional and flexible.  ll your applications can be well maintained using our CloudEgg CircleCI Application Management Services.

CloudEgg CircleCI Management Services provide continuous integration & delivery platform that helps the software teams to rapidly release codes with confidence by automating the build, test, and deploy process.

We as a part of CloudEgg aim to become a valued partner in the success of our customer’s business. CloudEgg team provides 24/7 support from a professional team of system administrators to assist our customer’s in the best possible way by going beyond their expectations.

Other Facilities from CloudEgg:

  • Server restoration process that include Backup Configurations & Database Restorations for your servers.
  • Facilitates the disaster recovery and hack recovery, in case your servers are hacked or under spam.

Contact expert team of CloudEgg CircleCI Managed Service Provider for a Free Assessment.