Elasticsearch is an extremely powerful and adaptable open source, distributed, real time search engine. Elasticsearch is an excellent tool while searching information from a large database, finding a similar text from crawled web pages or searching post from a blog, elasticsearch is a must have tool for accurate and lightning fast search result. Elasticsearch services is developed on Java and released as open source under the terms of Apache HTTP Server license.

Elasticsearch Services


With Elasticsearch Services, you can easily interface with it using REST API making it easy for integrating it with any backend system in any language. Elasticsearch accepts documents for indexing in JSON format. Also, it’s a schema-free, that enables automatic mappings of derived documents at indexing time.

Elasticsearch servers are easy to install, configure, and scale your own.

What we offer on Elasticsearch Services?

CloudEgg Support helps you to use our years of expertise in implementing ElasticSearch by using industry best practices, avoiding unnecessary errors and bottlenecks to configure, deploy and manage your ElasticSearch feature.

If you’re planning to use or already are using Elasticsearch, we can offer a complete support package for every stage of your project:

Installation Service

We would take care of Setup services for Elasticsearch as per your requirement. All our plans include email support from our friendly team of Elasticsearch experts. With lots of client integrations available, we will set up and keep you moving.


Apart from our great team of system administrators we also have a talented team of developers who are experts in search application development having developed lots of applications using ElasticSearch feature for clients across varied business sectors.

Incident Support

In case of any issue we can provide you an comprehensive SLA based support for ElasticSearch.

CloudEgg have been counted as the most trusted names in providing ElasticSearch Services including Managed Services for Server Management and Monitoring.

Hence, leave your system administration services to the CloudEgg Experts. CloudEgg has expertise in providing Cloud Management with AWS consulting, Google App services, Citrix, VMware, and Hyper-V Management including Load Balance Clustering and SAPA Hana.