Heroku is a PAAS based cloud application platform that enables the development team to easily deploy as well as manage these applications without the requirement for servers or administration. Heroku supports languages such as Ruby, Java, Clojure, PHP ,Python,Perl, Node.js and Scala.

Heroku provide you with all the features required , to build modern applications which can be maintained easily and efficiently and extend them to large number of cloud service provider without worry about backend infrastructure.

Heroku Consulting Services:

We at CloudEgg provides you consulting services for Heroku which includes audit and advisory services on how best you can use Heroku to make your application scalable, available and efficient.

Heroku Deployment Services:

CloudEgg offers trouble free website and application migration services to Heroku making the process easier and simpler for you. Our website migration service is managed by our in-house system administrator team.

Other Services :

  • Performance Monitoring Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Other Services as per the requirement of the client

Our Heroku Experience

Troubleshooting RoR application on Heroku


OS: Heroku

Server Side Language: RoR


The application is built on RoR and hosted at Heroku. This a healthcare application which generates and merges together
PDF files, uploads them to Amazon S3 and then sends an email with a link to the file. We helped the client in resolving the
workflow issues succesfully.