Jenkins is one of the most popular and continuous delivery tool available in the market. It helps to manage as well as controls processes of development lifecycle
throughout the development lifecycle by automating the build, test, stage, deployment processes and more.

Jenkins is a highly customizable system by itself backed by a community which have developed lots of plugins allowing even more flexibility. Combining Jenkins with other Build Automation tools like Ant or Gradle there are limitless possibility.

Benefits of Jenkins

  • Generate test reports
  • Easy Integration with many different Version Control Systems
  • Push to various artifact repositories
  • Fast and Easy Deployment directly to production or test environments
  • Notify all the stakeholders of build status and more

Jenkins Native/Supported packages exist for

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • Mac OSX
  • openSUSE
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • Solaris/OpenIndiana
  • Gentoo

What cloudegg offers on Jenkins?

CloudEgg Support helps you to use our years of expertise in implementing Jenkins by using industry best practices, avoiding unnecessary errors and bottlenecks to configure, deploy and manage Jenkins.

If you’re planning to use or already are using Jenkins, we can offer a complete support package for every stage of your project.

Installation Service

We would take care of Setup services for Jenkins as per your requirement. All our plans include email support from our friendly team of Jenkins experts. With lots of client integrations available, we will set up and keep you moving.

Incident Support

In case of any issue we can provide you an comprehensive SLA based support for Jenkins.


Apart from our great team of system administrators we also have a talented team of developers who are experts in Jenkins plugin development.

Our Work on Jenkins

A basic process on how we use Jenkins :

  • Developer commits code to GIT
  • Jenkins does a checkout of the Code
  • Jenkins executes unit tests
  • If Pass, then Jenkins deploys the code to the website
  • Email is sent to all the stakeholders