LogStash Application Management – Easy way to set up, customize & deploy applications. (Stash your Data with LogStash)

Logstash is a great tool which helps you manage events as well as logs. It helps you maintain logs , parse them as well as store them for future use. LogStash also has a web interface for searching and drilling from your logs.

Get started with LogStash, which is in open source and is available free. Logstash dynamically transforms and prepare the data regardless of its format & complexity. Also, large number of plugins are available allowing LogStash to connect to variety of sources and stream data to a common central analytics platform.

With LogStash, you can easily collect, Prase and Transform Logs. LogStash gives you the flexibility to unlock a slew of downstream use cases.

What we offer in LogStash Application Management?

Installation services for LogStash

We will help you setup your LogStash open source solution.

LogStash Customization Services

Backed by a great development team we will help you customize LogStash.

Deployment Service

We will help you deploy LogStash on your server. We support all the major servers available.

Support Services

Our professional support team is available 24/7 and helps you in answering any of your queries related to LogStash set up and it’s working.

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