Puppet is a mature and popular open source application in the field of configuration management used by several of the largest providers to manage their cloud infrastructure. Puppet allows organizations to control the exact configuration of as many as tens of thousands of nodes from a single central server.

Puppet allows you to define your IT infrastructure, then enforces the correct state automatically , allowing you automate tasks that are done manually saving time so that your system admin team can work on projects which requires more time and effort thus delivering great value.

However installing puppet under distributed client/Server model can be difficult as it requires a central puppet server and its relationship with client nodes.

What we offer on Puppet

  • Puppet Consulting Services :
  • Puppet Implementation and Customization Services
  • 24×7 Support Services
  • Maintenance Services

Some of the Work we have done on Puppet

  • XEN Server VM Backup
  • LAMP Sever
  • Code Deployment through GIT
  • Database Cleanup
  • My SQL Backup
  • ROR Installation
  • JAVA Installation
  • Node JS Installation
  • Mongo DB Installation
  • Mysql Installation
  • WordPress Installation

Developement Envoirment Creation

  • LAMP ( Multiple Server)
  • ROR
  • WordPress ( Multiple Server)
  • Virtual Host
  • Adding Host service in Nagios
  • Mongo DB Installation

Windows/Linux Server

  • Log Back Up
  • Remove old system log
  • Database optimization
  • Check Backup
  • Disc Space Check
  • Health Check