Azure is an open as well as flexible cloud platform that helps you in different stages of web development allowing fast creation, installation and efficient management of applications extending the services across the global network of Microsoft-managed data-centers. Using azure you can access to host of features related to development, data storage, service hosting and management to name a few. You also get on-demand compute and storage to host across the global network. Using azure, you can gain on top grade cloud computing service reducing your focus on infrastructure.
CloudEgg offers you range of services for Windows Azure We specialize in migrating mission critical applications to Windows Azure platform. We have experience in deploying applications both on the PaaS environment and VM infrastructure. Our experienced System Administrator team can maintain your deployments through automated tools that schedule periodic backups, diagnostics , health checks thus ensuring smooth running of your applications on Windows Azure platform.

Core Services

  • Configuring Web Role and Worker Role
  • Migrating applications to Windows Azure VMs
  • Moving database to Windows Azure SQL Database
  • Migrating static content to Windows Azure Storage
  • Configuring Load Balancer
  • Enabling CDN through Windows Azure CDN
  • Catche Configuration with Windows Azure Cache
  • Configuring Service Bus
  • Configuring Active Directory
  • Advanced services
  • Configuring NFS
  • Configuring Gluster File System
  • Deploying MySQL Master / Slave
  • Deploying PostgreSQL Master / Slave
  • Deploying MongoDB Replica Set