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Each business has different virtualization requirements, it is important to know which Citrix Server your business needs to employs. Citrix Server is a virtualization tool, which enables the businesses to centrally host the resources and application, delivering to desktop and mobile clients. Citrix products are built around the virtualization technologies, which deploys the applications and its resources on a central server and then publishes them to the remote devices. Citrix Server implementations are challenging, as there are multiple components, products, editions, and costs that are involved in a Citrix management.

Using these comprehensive virtualization solutions, one can easily the Windows applications to non-Window devices. All the resources can be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime & from any device. We at CloudEgg strongly believes that Citrix technology can bring many unique benefits.

CloudEgg Managed Services for Citrix Server helps you successfully implement Citrix management solutions from a wide range of Citrix products, including day to day management of  Citrix environment.  CloudEgg helps to quickly deploy the servers to augment capacity with the user s’ demand, without adding new server hardware and managing your data in the Cloud.

Using Citrix product line you can achieve following:

  • Create Virtual Applications and Desktop, transforming the delivery of application and desktops on any device and to any user.
  • Build your cloud infrastructure using stand-out server visualization, helping you create your own private cloud.
  • Faster, optimized and secure services and applications from the cloud

CloudEgg Managed Services that we offer for Citrix Management:

  • Initial installation, System configuration and security hardening of the Citrix system
  • Deployment and maintenance services for Citrix XenApp solutions
  • Deployment and maintenance services for Citrix XenServer
  • Performance Monitoring Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Other Citrix Services as per the requirement of the client

Our Standout Features:

  • Access to a qualified technical team which boasts of deep expertise on Citrix platform.
  • 24 x 7 remote monitoring from expert system administrators to ensure optimum performance.

Citrix Management Services is specialized in server monitoring, deployment, and maintenance services. Our system administration services will keep you informed about the status of your Citrix environment, thereby enhancing your productivity and customer value. With CloudEgg Citrix Management Solutions, you can have a keen focus on your business as we simplify management solutions and automate the workflows and tasks for administrators.

CloudEgg understands the importance of performance and would make sure that your servers are optimized to deliver the best performance. Prevent server disasters with CloudEgg Server Management Services, as we provide Disaster Recovery and Hack Recovery if your servers are hacked or under spam.

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