Manage your virtualized data center with CloudEgg VMware management solutions.

VMware Server is a free server-virtualization tool that lets the system administrators to partition a single physical server into multiple virtual machines. VMware Server is compatible with Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Netware. Hence, there is a need of VMware Server Management services for managing and monitoring VMWare Servers to enhance the performance.

VMware Management provides the most reliable and consistent platform for virtualization and cloud computing. VMware hosting provides the most wide-ranging cloud computing services and gives a complete virtualization platform for all e-business server needs.

CloudEgg, is a leading pioneer in providing VMware Server Management Services. We at CloudEgg delivers the most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud.

Core VMware Management includes:

  • VMware vSphere ESXi
  • VMware vCenter Server Management
  • Installation and Configuration VMware vSphere 4, 5 Hypervisor and Complete Management
  • VMware Systems Management (Esxi)
  • vSphere vCLI Command Line Management and Administration
  • Installing VMware vSphere Client
  • Basic VMware System Management (Creating new Virtual Machines)
  • Installing VMware Tools
  • VM Configuration and Managing Support
  • Systems Management and providing backup support
  • VM Migration support
  • System Log Analysis and Monitoring
  • System Upgrade

We also provide useful support features to keep you hassle free. Unlimited Server & System Administration Work comes with this service and your queries are solved by VMware vSphere Certified Technicians.

CloudEgg aims to become a valued partner in the success of our client’s business. We have professional team who provides hourly administration services for your Linux and Windows Servers with full proof security. Also, CloudEgg offers Server restoration process along with Backup Configurations & Database Restorations for your servers.

CloudEgg facilitates Disaster Recovery and Hack Recovery, if your servers are hacked or under spam. Henceforth, take the advantage of the most secured managed service provider, CloudEgg. Request a free quote for your VMware Server Management Services with CloudEgg.