The class leading service provider, CloudEgg is well established in providing innovative security services, managed servers and is accompanied with certified professionals. This tech giant growing immensely higher across the market as it is equipped with premium technical support so as to reach the customers satisfaction. It has proved to be the best in delivering a quality service to more than 500 servers and is enabled with administrators, who are certified global-wide.

Well, providing a 24/7 customer service is a main highlight about the provider and impressively, the support is categorized in to 3 levels named as L1, L2 and L3 respectively. This 3 step-by-step help desk support will ensure the query is resolved after coming into the notice. There is a specific administration and expertise professionals involved in dealing with the customer service.

  • L1 Support : Coming to the detailed view of this support, first and foremost the L1 phase is incorporated with an application so as to provide the software & hardware support to phone callers.
  • L2 Support : And then, the L2 support is bundled with a bit complex and expertise matter regarding the subject, which is actually stated as an escalation call.
  • L3 Support : Finally, the L3 Phase is listed as a support which deals with complex network and hardware related operating systems. In this support phase, there comes a well-certified system engineers who will take care of any escalated calls from L2, by the end of the call there would be a resolution assured.

On the whole, our service provider will contribute all their efforts so as to resolve the queries or issues and finally guarantees successful results.