Affordable solution to migrate from Parse to other app servers is CloudEgg.

Parse has officially announced about its closure and will be fully retired by January 28, 2017. If you own any existing Parse app, you will have to migrate it to some other server or your app will stop working after the retirement date. Parse itself strongly recommends and encourages to start the migration process of the apps as early as possible to avoid the last minute hustle.

We at CloudEgg are very well aware of the fact that this is not going to be an easy transition for you. But we are capable enough to make it happen as easy as possible for you to migrate from Parse application. For most apps, the Parse migration process is non-trivial, and requires development time. CloudEgg use advanced multi-server web hosting cPanel to improvise your web hosting task. CloudEgg helps to migrate from parse hassle free without any glitches.

Migrate from Parse App to AWS:

  • Parse Server uses MongoDB directly, and is not dependent on the Parse database.
  • CloudEgg can migrate existing Parse app to it’s own infrastructure.
  • We develop and test the app locally using Node.

After migration completion, you will have following

  • Parse Server running on your computer, allowing you to develop locally.
  • Parse Server running on Amazon AWS.
  • Your app’s data stored in MongoDB hosted on AWS.
  • We update your app’s client-side to point to the Parse Server instance on AWS, that is ready to release.
  • No dependency on for the new app client.

MIgrate from Parse

We aim to become a valued partner in the success of our client’s business. CloudEgg provides 24 / 7 support from a professional team of system administrators to assist our clients in the best possible way by going beyond their expectations. 

In addition to this, Server restoration process along with Backup Configurations & Database Restorations for your servers. CloudEgg facilitate Disaster Recovery and Hack Recovery, if your servers are hacked or under spam. Moreover, our system administration services provide hourly administration services for your Linux and Windows Servers with security services.