Data-Driven Solution for Your Business! Hassle Free Database Server Management Services.

In today’s world, database & application infrastructure is considered to be the most critical components of enterprise IT. Because of this, enterprises continuously face challenges in managing the database servers to meet expectations of customers. CloudEgg, a leading server management company, is the repository of database server management services & solutions, perfectly managed by highly qualified and experienced DBAs. Our services help your business and organization deliver persistent results and position you for the long term and high-level achievement. CloudEgg is centralized on database server management for Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL Server, DB2, Informix, Sharepoint and MongoDB and others. CloudEgg guarantees you a response time of 2 hours on support tickets and their resolution in 48 hours.

How our Database Server Management Services can be positioned to meet your business needs:

Database Server Management Functions:

  • Database Installation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Define Backup Strategy
  • Database Monitoring
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Upgrades

Monitoring and Management:

  • 24*7 Performance monitoring and tuning from professional team
  • Database Server Administration
  • Database Optimization

Database Build and Design Services:

  • Build Services
  • Highly availability enabled by adequate disaster recovery
  • Backup and Recovery

Database Security:

  • Data encryption and masking
  • Data Patch Management
  • Hardening and auditing

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Performance and backup reports
  • Capacity reporting

Technical Support:

  • Production Support
  • Performance Management
  • Installation and Deployment
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Professional Services


Every database server is different and so is the support for managing the Database server with CloudEggOur database server management drives a focused, consolidated, and consistent delivery approach, based on the capability estimation of your current database.

With CloudEgg Database Server Management Services you can stay on top of all server outages and performance glitches. Monitor resources on your DB Server with CloudEgg. Contact us to get efficient Database Management System.

Our database server management services enable you to enhance agility, increase service availability, build robust data architecture, streamline management and provide comprehensive support for wide range of technologies with SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and others.