Security threats are on a rise, and it has become more difficult and critical to keep your servers secure. Every day, every second, a new threat appears on the internet in terms of hackers, bugs and identity theft. With several hacking attacks on web, it has been proven that web server security would remain as the most critical issue to any organization who does its operation online.

So, when you are setting up your IT infrastructure, to keep your applications always up and running will be your primary concern.

Making your applications run efficiently without realizing the needs of server security can actually result into a devastating consequence. Having a secure web server guarantees secure transactions online. This is also of prime importance in order to deliver seamless online experience for the customers.

You should always follow best security practices before setting up your applications. However, it’s a troublesome job to handle your thriving web presence from hackers and keeping it secure all the time.

Stop worrying about your business Infrastructure & loan us your server security worries.
For having a secure connection and maintaining data integrity, you must use server security services to protect your online business. CloudEgg has a good expertise in providing Server Security Services and we at CloudEgg can help you to protect your online business from being compromised.

CloudEgg Server Security Services Include

Take the advantage of our cost effective CloudEgg Server Security Services and keep your servers secured from unwanted spams and phishing attempts.

Our Facilities

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Linux & Windows Server setup & configuration
  • Event log management
  • Monitoring event viewer logs
  • Auditing services to ensure safety of servers from viruses
  • Quick response time
  • Instant Server Reboot

Most Noteworthy Feature of our Server Security Services is PCI DSS Compliance, which is very useful for e-commerce business. Our PCI DSS Compliance security services assures your credit card information is locked & safe by securing your web server.

CloudEgg aims to become a valued partner in the success of our customer’s business.

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