CloudEgg Server Monitoring Service provides 24*7 continuous remote monitoring of servers. The remote server monitoring is performed all the while from one or more autonomous stations part of our Global Monitoring system. Real-time interactive media cautions are activated when server errors happen, server performance edges are exceeded or system connectivity issues are distinguished and checked from up to three autonomous monitoring resources.

Furthermore, CloudEgg ensures that your web servers and network devices are dependably up and running with instant warnings notification and know their performance with detailed performance and uptime reports. Know their execution with point by point execution and uptime reports. Thus, increment of basic server uptime and dispose of the risk of lost revenue from server downtime by opting CloudEgg Server Monitoring Services.

Key Features of Our Server Monitoring Service:

  • Our server monitoring service starts without expensive IT investments and long term execution periods of client-side software.
  • Fast error detection with deep verification process
  • Supports multiple servers and network devices – IMAP, SSH, Telnet, My SQL, MS SQL, SIP, PING, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, POP3, SMTP, RTSP and Custom servers and devices. Custom port monitoring permits testing the connection to any TCP/UDP service.
  • Compelled monitoring upon server error detection
  • Multi-level location parallel alert notification system based upon the number of server monitoring locations detecting an error
  • Server maintenance schedules with minimum downtime
  • Monthly reports by email showing your server uptime, availability and performance
  • 24*7 live customer support

Key Benefits of Our Server Monitoring Service

  • Provides instant alerts with specifics about errors detected with servers
  • Shorten downtime up to 80% correlated to server downtime
  • Helps and simplifies detection and resolution of server and network problems
  • Minimizes IT cost and expenses
  • Administers complete overview of server and network performance, so as to proactively locate and fix bottlenecks in your web system
  • Enhances customer experience and fidelity
  • Reduces the risk of loss of revenue and integrity

Henceforth, take the advantage of the most secured managed service provider, i.e. CloudEgg. CloudEgg, a leading managed service provider company that provides the best website hosting solution for its clients.

In addition to this, our Cloud Solution has become Powerful & Easier than Ever! CloudEgg offers Web Hosting & Server Management Services that includes management of VPS Server, AWS Server, Windows Server, Linux Server, Mail Server, Java Server and more.

Moreover, we aim to become the most valued partner in the success of our customer’s business. Also, CloudEgg uses advanced multi-server web hosting cPanel to improvise your Cloud web hosting task.

So, if you want server monitoring services for your servers, then contact for free assessment & continue to order for our service.