Windows server security is to some extent diverse in comparison with Linux based systems because of its file system and GUI look. Our experts will make sure that your windows server is free from malwares and other perilous attempts of hacking or slowing down of the server.

Supported Servers:

  • Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Web or Standard edition
  • Plesk, Website panel or plain windows.

Here’s a list of what we do:

  • Install patches as necessary; do on a regular basis
  • Disable telnet
  • Do an initial hardening of the operating system
  • Remove regular user and world access from c compilers
  • Secure host.conf
  • Install chkrootkit, and set up in cron
  • Install root kit hunter, and set up in cron
  • Install rootcheck, and set up in cron
  • Install logwatch
  • Disable direct root login
  • Only allow certain IP’s access to SSH
  • Install a firewall
  • Recreate the /tmp directory on its own partition
  • Secure shared memory
  • Remove unnecessary packages
  • Set PHP up for safe mode on
  • Turn off server signatures

Security Installations and Updates that we perform:

  • Server configuration with specific roles.
  • Plesk upgrades and configurations.
  • Plesk PHP hardening.
  • IIS security & Securing RDP access.
  • Securing Mail-enable and Smarter-mail.
  • Setting CPU limits.
  • Server check for high utilization for memory and CPU usage.
  • Installing and configuring antivirus on server.
  • Scan server for malware attacks.
  • Hardening TCP/IP for DDOS protection
  • Enforce password policy
  • Enforce password history
  • Account lockout threshold setting
  • Password must meet complexity requirements
  • Event log management
  • Setting CPU limit for application pools.
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and IPsec.
  • Checking event Logs for server login attempts
  • Apply local connection security rules (Domain) as well as (Private) networks
  • Open required ports in firewall and disable the unwanted ports.
  • Session time-outs settings for scripts.
  • Optimizing database servers like MSSQl and MySQL for better performance.
  • Optimizing for performance.
  • Off-site remote backup configurations.

Our Windows server analysis process includes monitoring event viewer logs for system activity and fixing issues reported with Logs.

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