The key to conquering the skies: master the cloud. Adopt AWS SAP HANA, the leading cloud service provider, and steer your enterprise to vast digital success while being quick, flexible and constraint sensitive; integrate your business into a more capable, constructive, proficient and productive technical infrastructure while building business applications in the cloud that will lower investment, simplify cloud management and increase revenue.

When the cloud major AWS partnered SAP solutions in 2011, many companies adopted this system to reap remarkable results, and revamped the management process on several fronts:

  • Faster time to value
  • Resources scaled according to requirements
  • Reduced expenses by spending on only useful resources
  • Current license availed without additional fee
  • Unconditional accessibility

Companies can employ the security of AWS and the efficiency of SAP simultaneously with the AWS SAP HANA. Marketing strategy is crucial to prevailing among today’s competitive businesses and various facets of this cloud service facilitate a strong foundation for the future of your company:

Universal technology

The secure platform that Amazon AWS Managed Services offers you is designed to be sturdy and allows you to take appropriate measures while contemplating the possibility of disaster. You will be able to deploy your applications and data to all your customers anywhere around the world.

Agile marketing

With services like Lambda, Opsworks, and CodeDeploy any urgent need for marketing can have an application built for in a matter of minutes. Features like Workspaces allow you to reach out to virtual desktops without the hassle usually involved in the operation.

Effective Protection

Unconditional security that is essential for any enterprise can be experienced at AWS, which has a number of particularly dedicated services to prevent any breach.

Immense and Capacious Ecosystem

Be it architecture, migration or application portfolios, the AWS Partner Ecosystem is extensive and can meet all expectations of an ideal web service, and fulfill your demands.

The SAP HANA BYOL and the SAP HANA One are two major constituents of a typical SAP HANA feature available on the AWS cloud, the former being available on-demand both during production and after. The latter is a data analytic with vast memory spaces constantly available. It fulfills the following purposes:

  • Manage large datasets of different types from different sources
  • In-memory relational database and application
  • Performance analytics
  • Real-time data processing without pre-fabrication
  • Effective cloud management

Therefore, complicated operations are simplified due to the operations of SAP HANA. The Cloud Management Services work their magic in several different functional departments like Business Planning & Consolidation, Sales & Operations, Margin Calculation, Cash Forecasting and much more.

SAP HANA can function without disrupting timing and budget planning, and can even, when used to the best of its ability, help relax productivity pressure under handicaps that are typical of aspiring and booming business endeavors. The Cloud Management Services are miraculously impactful on organizations and garner magnificent returns on magnanimous investments.

Take advantage of the most secured managed service provider, CloudEgg. CloudEgg provides the best server management services for the clients to solve server problems including cPanel, Dedicated & Linux Server. System admins provide hourly administration services for your Linux and Windows Servers with full proof security. All your applications can be well maintained with Application Management Services.

Let SAP HANA be the foundation of your business and focus yourself on building a promising future for your enterprise.


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