Business Intelligence (BI) has provided feasible insights that help business managers, corporate executives and other end-users to be aware of the business decisions that depend on historical data. BI solutions offer the capability to optimize the process of internal business, identify market trends, increase the operational efficiencies, and forecast future trends.There has been an increasing demand for streaming data processing over the last few years.
Through this article let us discuss an overview of Data Orchestration services on an AWS infrastructure. With the increase of data, automating workflows ensures that necessary activities take place when and where required driving the analytic processes.AWS provides three services to build analytic solutions that are repeatable, reliable, automated, and scalable. They are AWS Lambda, AWS DataThe pipeline, and Amazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF). All the three services are for highly reliable execution of tasks, which are on-demand, event-driven, or scheduled.

The functions of these services are:

AWS Lambda is a serverless and event-driven computer service. It executes the code in reply to events from other AWS services or directly from mobile apps or web. It manages to compute resources for the user. It helps to build applications that react quickly to any new information, and it also hosts and scales them.The concepts of this service are scaling the application automatically, supports and triggers Lambda functions, offer AWS services like Amazon SNS, Amazon Echo, and Amazon S3.

Amazon SWF executes in reply to any event. This service orders the execution of steps and scheduling is on-demand. The hosting environment is set to "anywhere" which could be mobile, cloud via Amazon EC2, on-premises, or in the datacenter. It executes only once, and any programming language is used to create the application.
The concepts of this service are tracking the execution of a workflow, maintenance of distributed application state, ensure consistency of execution history, holds and releases tasks, controls task distribution, and retain execution history of a workflow.

AWS Data Pipeline allows the user to create planned and automatic workflows to orchestrate data movement through many sources which are on-premises and within AWS. It also runs activities regularly. It integrates with Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, and Amazon Redshift.
The inputs and outputs of Data Pipeline are data nodes within a workflow. The concepts of this service are SQL queries, arbitrary Linux applications, predefined or custom various data processing activities to execute the business logic, and scheduling of orchestration execution.

Sometimes data has to move parallel while doing normalizing, cleansing, or aggregation processing before the data lands in AWS. This data transfer is known as Extract, Transform, and load (ETL). Extract takes data from a data source like homogeneous or heterogeneous which will be in a different format. Transform updates the data for storing in a proper format which will enable handling query and analysis. Load sets the data in the final repository, which can be Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon DynamoDB.


With the "Volume, Velocity, and Variety" of data that each company deals with, they always suffer from their infrastructure's inability to deploy, process, and scale new solutions to keep them current. Many tools exist to help the user gain new insights and make specific and timely business decisions. The tools are currently available and ready-to-run on AWS, which is an infrastructure that is known for its security, speed, usability, and reliability. Many free trials and pay-as-you-go options are available for these products in AWS Marketplace. You can try new or familiar products and quickly determine which solution is feasible for your organization's needs. We, at CloudEgg offer AWS consulting, Amazon managed services and cloud solutions. We are specialized in cloud consulting and provide AWS server management for many critical business applications.

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