IT decision makers and security managers run various security applications in the cloud. Cloud providers usually implement a severe security system. A reliable cloud computing service creates a secure cloud environment with a complicated encryption algorithm to keep the information private.
Cloud-based security is better than the traditional security due to the following reasons.

Prevention of data breaches – Data breach is taken care of by having strong data encryption in place. It also takes care of the design and configuration of the cloud service database to keep away hackers from the system.

Data loss prevention – Seeing the loss of critical information is a threat for the users. Data encryption will ward off hackers; the regularly updated offline data backups will also reduce the risk of data loss.

Account hijacking prevention - The services provided by cloud offer solutions that protect the user's credentials from being taken. If there is no secure platform, hackers can eavesdrop on transactions, manipulate data and return false information that will harm clients.

More secure APIs - APIs are essential for the availability and security of a cloud service. The cloud service will help to classify and expand weak APIs.

DoS prevention - Denial of service (DoS) is a typical internet threat, and it costs the user immensely. Cloud computing service provides solutions that will detect DoS attacks and provide proper responses to ensure that it is available 24X7.

Reduction of malicious threats–The cloud computer service should remove access of contractors, former employees, and business partners from gaining access to a cloud network.

Reduction on impacts of shared resources - Cloud computing solutions could be on shared infrastructure like RAM, processors, caches, GPUs, caches, and hard drives. A reliable cloud computing service will provide isolation properties for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Regulatory compliance - Cloud computing security solutions guide companies to sustain superior infrastructures for compliance and to protect the data.

High availability and support - Cloud computing security solution provides continuous support for a company's assets. The supports include live monitoring 24X7. It is also taken care to ensure that the company's applications and websites are always online.


Cloud computing security takes care of the benefits of cloud technologies like disaster recovery, automated security management, homogeneity, and redundant system. It makes it safe for users who deal with critical data. Cloud users should be able to include rigorous security as an intimate part of the various operations. We at CloudEgg provide server monitoring service and help to achieve security for your applications. Our best cloud computing security solution offers the companies with features of reliability, availability, and security that the business requires in the global market.

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